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Asafo NKUM NO.2 Company: Kormantse

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The Kormantse (Kromantine) Nkum Asafo posuban rebuilt -  22nd April 1973 by artist and flag maker Kwamina Amoaku.

It has a multiplicity of proverbial statues, symbolic motifs and representations. Supi Samanpa and the two Asafo Company members depict the military antecedents of the posuban. The outfit of the horse riders is a manifestation of the discipline of the Kormantse Nkum Asafo Company. Guarded by two leopards, two cannons and the naval vessel MV Kormantse. This ship alludes to the slave trade and the role of Kormantse in the trade at the time.

The community posuban shrine of Kormantse Nkum depicting Nana Adaaban as an iron monger at his forge a mud furnace and an admonishing Supi Amiansah.

The busts of two men about to be beheaded in the background are ‘believed’ to be the reconstruction of punishment of two captive enemies.

The masthead Ghana Coat of Arms adopted in March 1957 can be seen in the center.

The relevance of such shrines dotted along coastal Fanteland and further inland is of great importance. "A town without a posuban is no town"

The saying means that a town without, never engaged in warfare and consequently has no history.

Historically Kormantse was known for its abundance in iron which resulted in iron bloom fragment shrines which adorn most family homes in old Kormantse.

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