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  • Barbara Eyeson

Anomabo Okyir Festival 2022

Another festival I was excited to attend this year was the Okyir in Anomabo.

Anomabo is a small fishing town along the coast with a fascinating history where many prominent historians, politicians, and merchants originate.

The Okyir festival is celebrated yearly for a week at the start of October by the chiefs and people of Obonoma.

The theme this year was education and discipline highlighting tools for development and celebrating chief Mpontuhen Nana Aggrey I and his achievements.

Nana Aggrey I at the Nkansah Park, Anomabo

This year was commemorated with the official Anomabo Okyir festival cloth.

Chiefs line up for the official procession to the durbar grounds

Flagbearer from the No.2 Company

Celebration gathering at Obonoma beach

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