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This distinctive flag is from the Tuafo No. 2 Asafo Company of Enyan Abaasa depicting two members sharing palm wine from a bottle with their bowls.


Flag meaning:
The palm wine bottle is never empty meaning the Asafo Company is never lacking!


Enyan Abaasa is also known for its palm wine tapping and a famous three-headed palm tree.


In Akan culture, palm wine holds cultural and social significance.
It is often consumed during social gatherings, ceremonies, and festivals and is also considered a traditional drink that brings people together to celebrate special occasions.


c. 1940s


Made by Kweku Kakanu - Saltpond Workshop


B/W Photo - Akwambo Festival Scene - 1978
Photo Archive of J. E. K Aggrey (Ghana Publishing)

Palm Wine Bottle

  • 156 x 93 cm
    61 x 36 inches

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