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Kwesi's Trap

The flag reads:

I Kwesi Esirfi Ogyakabram, I use trap laid at four way junction to ensure that wherever you may pass; you cannot escape it.
This happened in Borɔfoyedur land / land issues (town in Fantseland) in 1926.

Kwesi believes in his tactics in battle, that no one can escape his trap set at any point.

"no matter where you pass or hide, he will override you"

This flag alludes to a historic moment back in 1926 at Borɔfo on land issues.


c. 1970s 


Made by Kwamina Amoaku at the Anomabo workshop.

Kwesi's Trap

  • Natural wear, tattering, and stains from age will be evident in most of our vintage flags.

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