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New Collections In Old Life...

Updated: Mar 21

It has been a while since we have updated our blog as we have been super busy as the commissioning of new flags from chiefs commences with the festival season approaching from August in the Central Region.

We have documented the majority of our journey on Instagram stories but not everyone has access or sees them so it was about time we updated our blog with what we have been up to.

The first lockdown of 2020 was a tough time as work commissions were very stagnant due to no ceremonies or festivals leaving Baba, Issac & Nana with very little work.

During this time we thought of alternative ways to keep the workflow going and decided to create mini flags which would be half the production/ material costs and time while still keeping the same essence with proverbial messages as the traditional flags.

The world was at a standstill with most people living within four (bare) walls, it gave a lot of people time to think about the spaces they lived in.

Sizes of normal flags are usually between 160 x 100cm which may be very large for an apartment / or small space, we wanted to produce colorful smaller versions that can hang on a wall without taking up too much wall space.

The first mini flag called ''we hold the power'' was made by master flag maker Baba Issaka after we released a short film on his life. - watch here

The proverbial meaning behind this flag is power and strength.

The second collection of mini flags was made by Issac Badowah called ''the fruitful tree''

The proverbial meaning behind these flags shows how prepared, receptive, and inviting the tree is to all those who matter to feed on and that wherever we find ourselves, we must try to make the best out of the place in which we choose to settle.

The third collection of mini flags is made by Nana Entsi, you can find some of his collections for sale in our shop here

One of his popular designs "like the plane, we can go anywhere" is taken from his collection of cardboard patterns which he has been using for many years and inherited from his grandfather and uncle who both launched the use of paper design patterns in the early 20th century.

The proverbial meaning behind this plane design was influenced by technological innovations introduced by the British authorities during the first quarter of the 20th century which were quickly absorbed into Asafo iconology design and were used to express power and mobility over rivals.

We are mid-way through 2022 and with the heightened pandemic behind us, we are looking forward to working on a new collection of flags and collaborations.

For details on private commissions please get in touch via our contact page or email -

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