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Meet The Flag-Maker: Kwame Sasah

Updated: Apr 11

Visiting Kwame Sasah in his hometown of Kormantse. (Kromanti) He is the Supi of the  Nkum No.2 Company and one of the only remaining active flag-makers in the area. Kormantse has two Asafo Companies - Bentsir which is the number 1 and Nkum as the number 2. Kwame Sasah is 3rd generation flag-maker and trained under master flag makers Kwesi Asemstim (1967 - 2010) & Kwame Suromanyi.

Flag remnants hangs in front of a door in the compound of flag-maker Kwame Sasah's home in Kormantse.

The latest catch of sardine fish awaits smoking preservation on Kwame Sasah's compound. Fante (Mfantsefo) people living along the coast are dependant primarily on fishing whereas agriculture is the main occupation inland.

Kwame Sasah putting the finishing touches on one of his colorful flags at his workshop.

Cardboard patterns hang in Kwame Sasah's workshop.

These cardboard patterns are used as a guide during the flag making process and are passed down from generation.

Saltpond flag-maker Kweku Essel Manso launched the use of paper patterns in the production of flags early 20th century.

Kwame Sasah and a family member with his newly made colorful flag.

This flag depicts the traditional game of Oware, the seated chief is asking for a challenge from the rival Asafo Company.

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