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Asafu Abrempon No. 1 Company: Biriwa

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The NO.1 Asafu-Abrempon Posuban shrine in Biriwa sits in the middle right at the the top of the town.

You may recognize some of the statues on notable NO1 Company flags such as the Leopard, three headed griffin and the powerful female bush spirit.

Visiting the NO.1 Company, the Omanpanyin kindly showing us flags they will be displaying at the upcoming Fetu Afahye festival in September 2019.

Short history of Biriwa Biriwa is one of the Fante towns which came into existence during the Bɔrbɔr Mfantse state formation. It happened that when the Fantes of Komenda, originally members of Nkusukum Fante sub-ethnic group, were led by their leader, Nana Kome Panyin and her sister Takyiwa, they stopped at a settlement where a woman from Anomabo-Asafora sells charcoal.

Takyiwa, decided to stay near the settlement where the old charcoal seller was, but his brother Nana Kome Panyin continued till he reached Edina and moved on to settle where Komenda is now. The place that Obaapanyin Takyiwa stayed became Akatakyiwa. It happened that whenever Akatakyiwa and Asafora people who goes to buy charcoal from the old lady are asked, where are you going? They will answer in Mfantse, “Merekɔ Maame biriw wura hɔ” (I am going to the charcoal seller). Biriw wura (charcoal seller) was corrupted to Biriwa because Obaapanyin Takyiwa of Akatakyiwa and the Charcoal owner became family, Biriwa also became part of sub-Mfantse group, Nkusukum. Nkusukum towns stretches from Mankessim-Suprudu, Kuntu, Anokyen, Saltpond (Akyemfo), Mfantsiman Girls, some parts of Kormantse, Biriwa, Akatakyiwa, Waakrom, Mpesedaadze, Ekrobaadze, Abonko, Abeadze, Kyeakor, and Nyanmoransa among others. Nyanmoransa is the capital town of the Fante Nkusukum people.

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